Ayurvedic Treatment for Pimples & Acne

Hindustan Ayurvedic provides 100% authentic ayurvedic treatment for pimples and acne using natural remedies and Indian herbs helping you get better results.

Pimple & Acne Treatment AT Leelajani Ayur Care, Trivandrum

Cure Pimple & Acne with Ayurvedic Treatment

Being the leading Ayurvedic hospital in Trivandrum, we provide the best Ayurvedic treatment for pimples and acne that occurs when there are excess amounts of oil produced by the sebaceous glands and which blocks the hair follicles giving rise to eruptions on the skin. This is most commonly found in the skin of adolescents. In Ayurveda, this condition is therefore referred to as Yauvanpidika. This condition most commonly occurs on the facial skin and that of the neck, shoulders and upper back. This is because of the dense presence of sebaceous glands in these parts. Acne can be present as blackheads, whiteheads, nodules or pimples.

Causes of Pimple

According to Ayurveda, pimples are caused when the all the three doshas are impaired with the pitta element being predominantly out of balance. This imbalance produces toxins in the blood (rakta) and the tissues (meda dhatus). Pimples are aggravated by the consumption of spicy and oily foods.

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As the main cause for the formation of pimples/acne is the excess of the pitta element in the body, its action is to accumulate heat in the body. These toxins thus generated accumulate deep into the nutrient plasma (rasa), muscles (mamsa), blood (rakta), and lymph (lasika). The contamination of these deep tissues leads to the formation of acne/pimples. As the cause lies deep down in the tissues, any topical cream applied on pimples does not cure the cause.

Ayurveda treatment for pimples is therefore directed towards removing the root cause and is achieved through dietary changes, lifestyle changes and herbal combinations.

Ayurvedic Recommendations

  • For the complete cure of pimples and acne, Ayurveda recommends certain preventive and curative formulas. Ayurveda follows holistic ways to fight the skin diseases and keep your skin healthy. Ayurvedic treatment for pimples and acne goes beyond conventional approaches and cure it from its roots. The diets are specific and a regimen is advised to be followed for the best outcomes.

    Diet and Lifestyle Changes

    • It is recommended that spicy, sour and oily foods be avoided.
    • The emphasis should be on eating unprocessed and fresh food.
    • Use of cooling herbs such as fennel seeds, coriander seeds, aloe vera, and amla should be increased.
    • There should be sufficient hydration in the body. One should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day.
    • The face should be washed with mild herbal formulations.
    • The acne lesions, pustules and nodules should not be squeezed out with the hands.

    Ayurveda Remedies

    • A mixture of coriander seeds, fennel, basil, amla, and turmeric (all taken in equal parts and powdered together) can be ingested. Take ½ teaspoon 15 minutes before every lunch and dinner.
    • Ingest a mixture of powdered amla (1 teaspoon) with water every day in the morning and evening.
    • Take a spoonful of coriander juice mixed with a bit of turmeric twice a day.
    • Applying a mixture of lemon juice and water on the face acts as an antiseptic and decreases the redness caused by the pimples.
    • Consumption of a mixture of triphala paste in warm water once a day reduces the occurrence of acne/ pimples.
    • Application of a mask consisting of papaya fruit paste and sandal powder on the face will reduce the occurrence of pimples. You can rinse off the mask after 10-15 minutes.
    • Grind guava and mango leaves together into a paste and apply it on the face wash it off after 30 minutes. This can be repeated two or three times a week. It helps to reduce acne spots on the skin and also acts as an exfoliator.