Ayurvedic Treatment for Autism in Kerala

Leelajani Ayur Care is one of the leading Ayurvedic hospitals in Trivandrum which provide excellent Ayurvedic treatment for Autism, a development disorder that occurs in the early ages of childhood.

Ayurvedic treatment for Autism

Autism and Ayurveda

Autism, a developmental disorder that appears during the first three years of the life of a child can be effectively treated and managed with Ayurvedic treatment. This condition affects the normal growth of the brain and impairs the child’s communication and social skills. According to Charka Samhitha, one of the authentic Ayurvedic texts in India, Autism can be managed and treated using the principles based on etiology (Samuthanavisesha), site of affliction (Sthanantargatwam, nature of disease (Vikarprakriti) and based on imbalanced doshas( Adhisthatarni). At Leelajani Ayur Care, our team of expert doctors provide excellent Ayurvedic treatment for autism based on the above the mentioned principles to get the best results.

Causes of Autism

The exact cause of this developmental disorder is not known. A combination of factors is believed to cause autism. Genetics definitely has a role to play. For example, the chances of the identical twins developing this disorder are much higher compared to siblings or fraternal twins. Similarly, the relatives of children with autism commonly have abnormalities in their language skills. Chromosomal abnormalities and neurological problems are also often seen in the family members of autistic children. Some of the other possible causes of autism could include diet, changes in the digestive tract, mercury poisoning, inability of the body to use vitamins and minerals properly, and vaccine sensitivity

Signs and Symptoms of Autism

If a child fails to meet the language milestones such as babbling and gesturing (pointing and waving bye-bye) by twelve months, uttering single words by sixteen months, saying two-word phrases by twenty-four months, or losing any social or language skills at any age, then it indicates that the child may be having brain developmental problems.

A wide range of symptoms appears as autism develops. Typically, the parents start suspecting that there is something wrong with the baby when it is 18 months old. Children with autism experience difficulties in pretend play, social interactions, and verbal/nonverbal communication. They become overly sensitive (in sight, touch, smell, hearing, or taste), experience unusual distress as and when there is a change in routine, perform body movements repeatedly, and show abnormal attachment to objects. The symptoms may be moderate or severe.

Autism Treatment & Management in Ayurveda


Some children suffering from autism have been seen to respond well to a casein-free or gluten-free diet. Therefore, the diet recommended for an autistic child should include cow’s milk; pulses such as green/red gram; fruits such as apple, mango, amla, carrot, pear, and pomegranate; fats such as olive oil and medicated ghee or butter/ghee made from cow’s milk; and green leafy vegetables. Such children should avoid junk food, spicy and oily food, stale food, groundnuts, sago, cold drinks, curd, cheese, desserts, meat, coffee, and vegetables such as potato, sweet potato, and brinjal, among others. Whenever they are thirsty, they should be given boiled water to drink.


Ksheeradhara involves pouring milk continuously on to the patient’s forehead and body. It provides a cooling effect.


In Shirodhara treatment, warm herbal oil is poured on the forehead continuously. It is effective in reducing stress, promoting sound sleep, and calming a distressed mind. Warm oils stimulate and soothe the hypothalamus and improve circulation by causing vasodilatation. Shirodhara treatment is started with Abhyangam, Ayurvedic whole body massage using medicated oils.