Ayurvedic Treatment for Respiratory Disorders

Using the magical power of Ayurveda treatments for respiratory disorders, Leelajani Ayur Care destroys your breathing problems from its roots and avoid the chances of occuring related diseases in the future.

Respiratory Disease Treatment in Ayurveda

Leelajani Ayur Care Hospital for Respiratory Diseases

According to Ayurveda, respiratory and breathing disorders treatments are effective only when they pick up the root cause of the problem and destroy it. Ayurveda treats both the problem that is present and also balances the functioning of the internal elements of the body. Leelajani Ayur Care treatment for respiratory disorders helps to destroy any hormonal imbalance so as to avoid future recurrences of the problem.

Any respiratory ailment, according to Ayurveda, is basically caused by the impurities of the air that we breathe in. Lung diseases are seen to be more common in developed countries because of the impure air. Respiratory problems as simple as the common cold or as severe as pneumonia can be treated through Ayurveda. Some of the other respiratory diseases that can be treated through Ayurveda include chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, etc. At Leelajani Ayur Care, all kinds of respiratory diseases are completely treated by means of authentic therapies and medicines. 

Causes of Respiratory Diseases

According to Ayurveda, respiratory diseases are caused by improper dietary habits, lifestyle, obesity, smoking, air pollution, anxiety, stress, and other factors.

Treatment through Ayurveda

Most respiratory problems occur due to the imbalance of the Kapha element in the body. Treatment for respiratory disorders is towards reducing the imbalance of the Kapha element in the body as well as strengthening the immune system. The herbal treatment methods for respiratory problems are as follows:

Anti-allergic herbal ingestion

Herbs such as neem, haldi and guggul can be ingested in the form of tablets or other formulations. These medicines fight against many types of allergies. They also play a role in curing the part of the body that is affected by the allergy.

Immunity Boosters and Rejuvenating Herbs

Diseases such as the cold and the cough weaken the immune systems of our bodies by producing toxins. Therefore it is very important to make the immune system strong again in such cases. Immune modulator herbs such as Ginseng, Shilajit, Amla, and Ashwagandha are used for this purpose. These herbs also work to rejuvenate the body.

Expectorants and Mucolytics

Many breathing problems are due to the blockage of airways and other passages by mucus. Herbs such as Dalchini, Sirish, Anant Mool, Piplee, Tulsi, etc., along with honey, help to dissolve the mucus and phlegm and restore the airways. Many pungent herbs cush as black pepper and cloves are also used to dry up the mucus.


Herbal treatments take a little longer to reach out to the root cause of the respiratory disorder. However, to make it effective and faster, Panchakarma treatments are recommended. Some of the Panchakarma therapies that are useful for curing respiratory diseases are Abhyanga (whole body massage), Nasyam, Swedan (steam bath), and Dhoompan.

Blood Purifiers

The mucus and phlegm stored in the airways and respiratory organs sometimes create toxins when they are lodged for a long period of time in the body. These may cause serious problems if they mix with the blood. This can lead to more severe problems later on. Herbs such as Neem and Manjistha help to remove these kinds of toxins from the body.

Yogic techniques

Practising the Pranayama regularly helps to purify the respiratory system and the nadi. There are different types of pranayama. Depending on the type that is practised, the pranic energy flow may be increased or decreased in the major nadis. Diaphragmatic breathing helps to increase the air volume in the lungs. Pranayama and meditation together help the patient to have some control over the autonomic function and allows the patient to control the dilation of the bronchial passages during the start of an asthmatic episode.