Post Delivery Care in Ayurveda

Through traditional ayurvedic after-delivery care and treatment for mom and baby, we aim at the rejuvenation of the mother’s health and to ensure healthy growth for the baby during the first 45 days after childbirth.

Leelajani Ayur Care Treatment AFTER DElivery

Post Delivery Care & Treatment in Ayurveda

Prasavananthara Shusroosha/ Post Delivery Care for Mom and Baby in Ayurveda – It is common for the mother of a newborn baby to feel exhausted and depleted after the delivery. Ayurveda recommends that the mother of a new-born should take about 6 weeks of physical rest. Childbirth is many a time accompanied by discomfort, depression, irritability, fatigue, stress and sleeplessness. All these can build up to chronic problems in later life if they are not properly taken care of. The need of the time is freshly cooked meals at home, a clean environment, warm oil massages (Abhyanga) and belly wrapping (with linen cloth) to restore the strained internal organs and muscles to their original condition. At Leelajani Ayur Care, we offer excellent Ayurvedic after delivery treatment for the mother and baby with warm medicated oil massages, herbal drinks, therapies and medicines to get back their physical fitness. 

Ayurvedic Recommendations

The mother’s room should be in a quiet place and should be kept clean. Food is cooked twice a day and the mother should ingest freshly cooked food. According to Ayurveda, freshly cooked food has more life force (pranic force) in them. This is essential for the nutrition in this type of food aids fast recovery. Eating leftover food is not encouraged in Ayurveda. This also keeps the baby joyful, well-fed and well-rested.

The mother and child’s room should be well fumigated with Guggulu and other rakshoghna herbs to ward off germs and other insects. The room can be incensed with sambrani fumes while being covered with rice sieves.

Ayurvedic Postpartum Care & Diet for Mothers

The diet for the mother of a newborn should be one that pacifies the vata element. The diet predominantly consists of vegetable soups, rice, ghee, milk, etc. The food should be warm. Generally, fruits are avoided for 21 days after the birth of the newborn. Foods such as fenugreek leaves and seeds are fed to the mother to improve lactation.

Shatavari, nutmeg, coriander, turmeric and basil are some of the other herbs are used in the postpartum period.

If the diet is neglected, it can lead to an imbalance and the mother tends to gain weight and may even fall prey to arthritis and other degenerative diseases. A normal diet is usually resumed after 48 days after childbirth.

Ayurvedic Massages

At Leelajani Ayur Care, warm medicated oil massages for the whole body, also called Abhyanga, is practised to restore the health of the mother in the postpartum period. This type of massage helps to control the body temperature. The treatment includes hot water baths and showers to remove toxins and reduce the various aches.  It also helps to rejuvenate the strained muscles.  The post-delivery Ayurveda treatment we follow is highly beneficial to make the mother and baby healthy. 

Ayurvedic Care for Newborn Baby

It is essential to follow these steps in the first few days after birth to ensure that the baby grows up healthy and happy.

The baby should be breastfed within the first 2 hours after birth. The colostrum or the initial milk secretions contain antibodies that are required for a healthy baby. Breastfeeding has to be continued for the first six months.

The maintenance of body temperature of the new-born baby is important as it is usually unstable. The child should be kept dry at all times and adequately wrapped up. The body should be kept warm.

The baby can be given Ayurvedic oil massages after 3 or 4 weeks after its birth. Typically the body weight should then be more than 3 kilograms. The oil massage with medicated oils is done gently before a bath. It helps the baby to gain weight and improve its immunity. The dryness of the skin can be avoided. The warm water bath after the massage helps the muscles to relax and allows the baby to sleep peacefully, for this is the time when the body grows naturally and in a healthy manner.