Ayurvedic Bride-Groom Package

Knowing that wedding is the biggest occasion in your life, Leelajani Ayur Care provides personalised Ayurvedic beauty packages to make your big day special.


Wedding Package- Beauty Through Ayurveda

Health and beauty of the body are best maintained with the help of natural products. The use of artificial beauty enhancement products that promise to provide quick results cannot often ensure long-lasting benefits. Sometimes, they may even adversely impact the quality of your skin. It is because of this reason that Leelajani Ayur Care has come up with the best Ayurvedic skin care solutions using natural products.

For the young brides, we offer a variety of beauty treatments using exotic herbs. Our Ayurvedic bride-groom package also include body massages and therapies that make their skin and hair radiant and glowing. As the therapies help to improve blood circulation, they also enjoy increased vitality. The beauty treatment options designed for grooms to help them to have a smooth and toned appearance and a radiant skin. The packages include skin enhancement and lightening and anti-pigmentation treatments.

The wedding beauty care packages are available for both brides and grooms. The packages that we offer are designed and developed are based on traditional Ayurveda principles and, therefore, do not cause any kind of side effects. They only contribute to improving health and enhancing appearance. The duration of our bride and groom packages typically vary from 5 days to 14 days. However, they can be customized to meet the specific requirements of brides and grooms.